Welcome to the

2019 KAZOOcon Hackathon!

What is the Hackathon?

The Hackathon is a chance for you to collaborate and build something with others using basic coding principles relating to KAZOO. We've hand-picked some popular topics and produced basic code examples to get you started. Not technical? Don't worry! We have a KAZOO Cycle portion that will allow your non-technical creativity and imagination to build something awesome! Everyone is welcome.

When do I need to finish my app by?

You have between 12pm (Noon) on Tuesday, June 18th and 4pm to work on your app. We'll be judging between 4pm-5pm. Please submit and notify Ashley when you are finished.

What topics can I pick from?

We have three pre-determined topics to choose from:

1. Step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create a Monster UI application

Follow along a step by step tutorial to learn how to create a Monster UI applications. Get familiar with the Monster UI framework, best practices and ask all your questions to a senior UI engineer. Some prior coding experience is suggested but all are welcome. Here is the tutorial: https://docs.2600hz.com/ui/docs/tutorial/.

2. App Exchange

Let your creativity out! Compete against other teams (minimum of 2 people per team) and build an application for submission to the 2600Hz app exchange. Submissions will be deployed to the 2600Hz sandbox environment and teams will take turns presenting their creations. To help get the creative juices flowing we have provided an optional skeleton https://github.com/2600hz/KAZOOcon-2019/ you can use to bootstrap your crazy/wonderful idea.

3. KAZOO Cycle

Not a coder or just want to get your hands dirty? Using the available materials build a machine that can knock over the most number of solo cups stacked in a pyramid from 2 feet way. Fun prizes will be given!

Choose a topic above and head to the table for that topic to get started!